Danger to Customers: Unprotected Display Hooks in Stores

Every day you go about your daily lives with the hope of making tomorrow better. You are aware of where you walk and what you come in contact with. No one expects that you will go for shopping and get hurt by a display hook in the store.

What's so Dangerous About Display Hooks?

Dangers of using display hooks

Most of display hooks are made of stainless steel wire and are bent to face upwards so that it can hold the merchandise on the display and are attached to the walls.

These hooks have imposed threat to shoppers since a number of them are getting hurt, but mostly children.

It's alarming that parents are daily reporting injuries caused by hooks. It is hard for a parent to give attention to children while shopping since they are distracted trying to identify products and select.

Children are vulnerable and also do not have balance and fall more often.

The Types of Injuries Caused by Display Hooks

The most common injury is an eye impalement. The unsafe hook hurts the eye and the child or adult is completely injured. It happens very fast and you cannot notice when you come in contact with the hook.

Another injury is in the gut of the child. Your child might run into the unprotected display hook while trying out there favorite cloth or getting out a sticker. This is a risk to your child because it can cause dumbness.

One two year old boy succumbed to a brain puncture after being injured by a display hook after he fell on it. When a child falls or is pierced by the hooks, it can go through the eye socket and cause brain damages.

Some damages are permanent, others are treatable.

You can read more about the types of injuries caused by unprotected hooks here.

What To Do About It?

There are safe pegboard hooks made of plastic that you can put in your store.

Hooks that have large curved ends are safe since they are blunt, and even if a child falls on them they will not be hurt.

Also hooks with two prongs or the plastic rectangular ones are advisable.

Hooks that have shapes like U or J are also safe.

In child stores those should be placed higher and let the guardians pick products for kids. Reasons why the children get hurt in the eye is because they are placed at their eye levels.

The stores also squeeze their shelves making walking space limited while the displays are filled with hooks and you can get hurt by sudden turns or moves. Stores should be spacious at least one can notice the thin hooks.

The store owners can put barrier guards on the metal hooks or good label holders so that customers (children) can see them.