Welcome! I'm Ellen.

A picture of Ellen Harvey

Here's some quick info about me, and why you should listen to me

Ever since the Harvey family had started our own retail business, I've been researching and applying techniques on how to optimize our marketing and sales.

It makes a lot of difference whether you're actually taking care of your store – or not. You'll get many more customers if you stick to the techniques that I'll be showing you on this website.

Some other info about me:

  • I'm married, with 3 children
  • I own a dog. His name is Huskey
  • I live in a suburban area, but I'm thinking about moving to a rural place. I don't know where yet

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My contact info is below:

Email Address: ellenharvey75@gmx.com
Phone Number: 229-502-4924
Address: 3798 Junkins Avenue
State: Georgia
Country: The United States
code: 31768