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Welcome to Homebuilt Aviation

We are an Australian supplier of metal kit aircraft for the home aviation builder, featuring the Typhoon Aircraft and the Cyclone Aircraft, powered by the RG TT2000 engine and the TT2200 engine by VW Engines. We are also stockists of amateur aviation builders' supplies in Australia and the USA.

Building and ultimately flying an aircraft that you have built yourself is one of the most rewarding achievements that an individual can experience. We would like to see more people participate in this experience. The cost however, of many current two place kit aircraft, is well outside the financial means of the average person.

Our aim is to develop kit aircraft and components at a price that will enable more people to have the opportunity to experience the thrill of building and flying their own aircraft.

To this end, the kit components are also available in smaller progressive sub-kits, enabling you to get started with less initial outlay. Please contact us to work out a financial arrangement to suit your needs. 

The Typhoon is now flying and we are ready to take your order. We know you will be pleased at the exceptional value for money.


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